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budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

We maintain a catalogue of prepackaged telemedicine turnkey suites that include lights to exam tables and supplied with medical equipment and devices to enable performance of most medical exams, medical treatment procedures, specialists consultations and checkups where use of vital signs monitors, cardiac assessments, vision, dermatology and wound care, dental and ENT examinations will proceed just as it would in any medical setting outside the origination site.

We know that some of our clients simply have insufficient space to locate a telemedicine suite or may have a campus setting where other related units could be advantaged were they able to access this equipment and onsite trained staff. MedTrans Options has a partnership with the US largest builder of designed medical buildings that can be dropped shipped prepackaged and turnkeyed on your property on attractive terms, including with our telemedicine equipment.

In selecting our telemedicine equipment, we also built in capability for electronic medical and personal health records flowing from each session. This will be required for most medical and institutional professionals in 2015, and we can assist our clients in timely compliance.

Below you will find a few items that illustrate how telemedicine is far more than a web cam and the Internet. We have designed equipment packages that support the CPT billing codes that our clients would need to provide the specific services for examinations. All of the equipment we use support electronic medical recordkeeping during the telemedicine session.

Look at WHY we spent our last two years collaborating with experts, policy makers and global video technologists and IT software designers, manufacturers in planning the foundation upon which health providers will rely in delivering more access, saving lives and providing services at affordable cost. See our advertisement for Hospitals, SNFs, Home Health companies, PCPs and FQHC.